Why You Need Us

Having artwork in a standard electronic format simplifies the process and speeds the timeline for production.

High quality printing for offset as well as for screen requires color separated camera-ready black & white line art. To get a nice camera ready art also requires professional graphics design program and experience artist.

Simply put, bad artwork produces bad output on finish product.
The quality of the artwork created and readied for production directly affects the final look of the finished product. You should already be familiar with the term- garbage in garbage out.

All the production houses do need to set up the art before production. They prefer digital format art since they can be processed more quickly. Sketches or fax of the design do not work. The sketches or your hand drawn art are always recreated with the use of software and the artist.

This is the reason why we are here.

You do not need to buy expensive software. With the use of email you can contact, order and do the editing of your designs any time. We have 24 hours 7 days service, large capacity teamwork,
lower labor cost, skillful and experience and artistic people. We can solve the problem of overflow or complicated work.
Our factory lies in the heart of Bangkok. It is a hub of high quality and skillful people. We always value the quality, price and delivery.

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1598/1 Soi Somdetchphrachoa-Taksin 4, Somdetchphrachoa-Taksin Rd., Kwang Bang Yi Ruea, Khet Thonburi, Bangkok 10600 Thailand.
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Tel: +66 2 4669099
Fax: +66 2 4669098
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